People & Culture

The driving force behind everything we do.

Safe. Caring. Driven to Perform.

We care deeply about your experience with our brand, and we’re firmly committed to our mission and vision – and guided by our core beliefs. All to ensure you consistently receive the very best experience on every visit.
Vision. Mission. Values.

Our core beliefs

Inspired to soar higher

Operate as a unified company powered by our people, expertise and network to lead the industry as the #1 choice for aviation services.

Our vision statement is our compass, defining the direction of our growth.

Moved by a shared purpose

Our mission is to care for customers by anticipating and delivering on their individual needs while contributing to the communities we serve.

We fuel growth through innovation and continuous improvement and by preserving our culture of uncompromising safety, kindness, unified teamwork and individual empowerment.

Guided by fundamental beliefs.

Our values: Safety. Care. Performance. Drive. are woven into every activity we undertake, and demonstrated by our team members every day.


We are committed to keeping safety and security at the forefront to guide every decision. More than a core value, safety is the foundation of our culture.

  • We will protect you, your assets, and the environment
  • We will protect one another
  • We will live by a culture of safety


Care elevates our commitment to the highest level. It’s the foundation of our success. Caring means we are invested in every touch with Ross Aviation and our brands, be it a single interaction or a collection of experiences over time.

  • We care with passion, professionalism and kindness
  • We care for our customers, their assets, and the communities we live in
  • We care about our people, their careers, and their well-being


Performance means are resolute, steadfast in our commitment to provide unparalleled aviation services and deliver value. We execute with pride, honor, and integrity.

  • Depend on us to be reliable and efficient
  • Depend on us to always do the right thing
  • Depend on us to deliver results and achieve our goals


Drive describes the energy and passion we have for performance, innovation, and growth. We are determined to continuously better our best and to champion change for good.

  • We focus on consistent quality day in and day out
  • We grow with continuous, systematic improvement
  • We challenge ourselves, each other and the status quo

Our Team

Meet the Ross Team

Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross Chairman

Brian Corbett

Brian Corbett Chief Executive Officer


John "Cy" Farmer Chief Operating Officer

Lance Allen

Lance Allen Chief Financial Officer

Larry Jorash

Larry Jorash VP, Operations, Integration and Safety

Kyle Shultz

Kyle Shultz VP, Operations

Alicia Hornback

Alicia Hornback Corporate Controller

Eric Newman

Eric Newman Director; Strategy & Business Intelligence

Sharyar Aziz

Sharyar Aziz Senior Manger; Corporate Development & FP&A

Casey Cannone

Casey Cannone Senior Manager, Operations Planning

Ruben Nunez

Ruben Nunez Vice President, Information Technology

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